To what platform are you purchasing?

You are purchasing a bundle. Bundle consists of two programs, handheld application and a Windowss counterpart.

How to find HotSync® ID on my Palm OS® device

Your HotSync® ID is necessary to calculate correct registration codes for your software. Your HotSync® ID can be read from your handheld device's HotSync® application. Instructions to find the HotSync® ID are below. Your HotSync® ID will also work as a registration name in your desktop software.

  1. Start your handheld device's application launcher
  2. Tap on the HotSync® -icon to start the HotSync® application (Picture 1 below)
  3. You can read the HotSync® ID from the top right corner of the screen (Picture 2 below)
  4. Remember, that the ID is case sensitive!

Picture 1: Palm OS® launcher    Picture 2: HotSync® application

How to find the device name on PocketPC?

On PocketPC devices registration codes are calculated from your device name. Instructions to locate your device name are below. Your owner name will also work as a registration name on you desktop software.
  1. Tap "Settings" from your Start Menu.
  2. Go to the "System" -sheet (bottom of the screen)
  3. Tap "About" -icon. (Picture 1 below)
  4. Your device name is stated in the "Device name" box like in the picture 2 below.
  5. Remember, that the device name is case sensitive!

Picture 1: PocketPC settings application    Picture 2: PocketPC device name