Jardesign Ky

Privacy Policy

Jardesign Ky follows strict rules about customer privacy and data we gather from customers. This document contains our privacy policy and those rules. f you have a complaint, or if you believe your information has been misused, please let us know.

We do not gather data without your consent.

Our website does not record any data from your computer. We only gather data about how many times certain pages are accessed, so we know what products may be of interest, and if there are any errors.

The only data we gather from you is what you willingly enter during the purchasing process. We distribute our software only through carefully selected partners, and our online store is powered by eSellerate and PayPal, both of which are very highly ranked and respected companies. During the purchase process we do not gather any irrelevant data, but only what is needed to personalize the license for you. Most of our software distributors collect additional information about you, such as credit card numbers, personal interests, and so on. We do not, and if it is sent to us, we delete it.

What we collect from you during a purchasing process is

You can always ask about your information

If you at any time wish to know what info we have stored about you, email jardesign@jardesignky.com and ask! If you want to modify your information, you must do so by emailing us. We do not allow anyone - including you - to access our customer data, not even your own data, without confirming your true identity first.

We will not remove your data from our database, but we will gladly update your information, if you ask us to.

Privacy and safety

Your data is safe with us. It is backed up periodically, and remains only on one computer, shich is carefully protected from any intrusions from the internet. We do not allow anyone to get to your data unless you are suspected of a crime resulting in a jail sentence longer than six months and a written warrant from Finnish authorities; even in this case, we will let you know about it.

We do not release your email address to anyone. Jardesign newsletters are based on your opting-in. If you don't want to receive them, don't subscribe. If at anytime you wish to unsubscribe, it is easy for you to do so. You will never get unsolicited email or bulk email from us, and our newsletters are sent out to subscribers one or two times per month at most, and only when we have something of value to tell you.