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2008-09-01 One product line closed, another opened
Jardesign closes consumer products, including widely spread products AccountJar, TimeJar, PresentationJar, CurJar and SafeJar. Reason for this is nromal life cycle of software products. Most of the applications were six to eight years old, and during that time we there were so many competing products that market shares for those fell. Very special thanks for those thousands of users who purchased lisences for our products. However, this is not the end - not by far. The most popular products we had will be re-published as Windows Mobile 6 and Palm OS Garnet compatible FREEWARE versions by the end of the year. We are also doing research for new products, where we can - yet again - set the direction for handheld computing.

2007-02-17 Windows Vista is not yet supported
Currently ou software is not 100% compatible with Windows Vista. We recommend that you do not upgrade to Vista until our software has been thorougly tested and found compatible.

2006-07-04 TimeJar 5.1 released
TimeJar 5.1 supports Windows Mobile 5 platform and has a few new features.
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2005-08-23 AccountJar 4.0 released
New version of AccountJar has high resolution graphichs and is compatible with new PalmOS devices.
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2005-06-04 FaxJar has been taken out of sale
Our partner providing fax services has been withdrawn from the markets. We are not selling FaxJar until we find another partner providing Fax services.

2005-05-04 AccountJar updated
AccountJar update 3.9.2 is released. It includes few bug fixes, plus a new date selector in PocketPC version.
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2005-03-01 PhotoJar added
New progrtam called PhotoJar is added. PhotoJar is a digital photo album for your digital camera images.
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2004-09-30 AccountJar Desktop has been upgraded
New version of AccountJar Desktop has been fixed. This version update mainly addresses PocketPC compatibility problems.
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2004-08-22 TimeJar Desktop and Windows 98
TiemJar Deskop setup program didn't install unicode support correctly on Windows 98 machines. This update is applicable only if you have Windows 98 and you are having problems installing TimeJar Desktop.
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